UAV Inspection

Agriculture Inspection

Effective & efficient inspection solution for monitoring agriculture yield growth

The Work Flow

Efficient agriculture solutions for maximum yield growth.


Data Collection

Rapidly collect large amount of data and images on the site using drone technologies and aerial photography and/or videography 

Data processing

Data processing and stitching utilizing the high resolution multi-angle photo captured with drone technologies for analysis



Analysis & Reporting​

Analyze the data to provide useful insights such as land shape model, anomalies detection, elevation height, over-time site differences and more

Sky View Of Your Plantation


Maximizing agriculture yield with inteligence end-to-end solutions with drone technologies


Precise Tree Counting

Intelligent and rapid tree counting with high preicision utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence


Crop Health Inspection

Distinguish between healthy and bad crops easily with high resolution geo-referenced image


Route Identification

Explore & highlight accessible route and road in the plantation area to enhance accessibility

3D Landscape Modelling